FREE Photoshop Templates

Free Photoshop Templates is now offering all of its image templates for free. We have also started accepting submissions and are adding photoshop brushes for download as well. Our popular free magazine covers will make your friends and family happy when you put them on a magazine cover!

Please check back often as we add new items weekly. Below are our latest additions.

Christmas Card

Get this beautiful 6×4.5 inch Christmas Card template now. Just in time to get your holiday greetings out to all your friends and family.

Baby Magazine Cover

Get this cute little baby magazine cover that is designed for easy customization. This template is 8 x 10 and 300 dpi so you can expect your prints to be the finest quality.


Film Strip

This 8×10 image template allows you to display up to four images. As with all of our templates¬†customization¬†is easy and every element can be changed to fit your needs.


2012 Yearly Calendar Brush

We now have a 2012 Yearly Calendar brush set for your 2012 calendars! This calendar set has two 2500 px brush sets so that you can create your 2012 calendars with either a horizontal or vertical calender format. Get a jump on calendars for next year now!

Memory Mate

Our 8 x 10 memory mate is a great way to display your team photo as well as your individual playe photo. With this memory mate you can change the font type and color as well as the placement of all the elements.


The 4 by pictures in a picture template is a 8×10 template. The template fits four images by default, but with some customization it can easily be altered for as many images as required.

Images are only for example and do not come with the template.

Baby Template 2

This cute template is perfect for any newborn or infant image. A 5×7 cropped image template that is all set for easy customization.

Image is not included and only used as an example.

Baby Announcement

This simple but elegant baby announcement is great to let all of your friends and family know about the newest addition to the family! This template is a 5×7 300 dpi design for quality printing.

Image is example only and does not come with the template.

2012 Individual Baby Calendar

12 individual high quality brushes to make next years calendars perfect for the little ones. Each brush has its own month allowing for a 2500 pixel brush.

Image is example only and does not come with the template.

2012 Calendar Brushes

Something to help the designer in you. We know that you are getting ready to start designing things for the 2012 year and we want to help. This is a brush set with 12 individual brushes, one for each month of the year. All brushes are 2500 px and 300 dppi.

Image is example only and does not come with the template.